Monthly Archives: May 2012

5% – Really?

On Tuesday evenings from 10-12 I have the privilege of serving on a pastor’s round table with two other excellent pastors on the Alive in Christ Radio Network.  Last night, Gene Goertzen, the director of Awana in San Diego was also a guest and he made an outlandish statement.  Studies performed by the Awana group […]

Living a Life that Impacts Others

I recently read an article in Christianity Today referring to a survey of converts from Islam to Christianity that point to an upswing in Muslims accepting Christ. Why is this happening and what does it mean to you and I? “Between 1991 and 2007, about 750 Muslims who have decided to follow Christ filled out […]


Whenever two people spend time together the opportunity for rubbing each other in the wrong way multiples greatly. Everyone is a unique personality and sooner than later, something will happen in the relationship that is offensive. A harsh word, angry look, insensitive action, or personal choice will bug us. At that moment (and I am […]