Beyond the Whoosh

bright-lightAs my car went crashing through the guardrail the thoughts of a flaming death filled my mind. Would it hurt? What if I just laid there broken but not dead? The ground was far, far away. Miles it seemed. I frantically tried to call my wife, but she didn’t answer. I quickly sent her a text telling her goodbye and that I loved her. Death was approaching.

The fall was amazing. In fact, it felt like the video I just watched about skydivers. The ground was still way off and yet, I knew the end of my life was near. This experience had happened dozens of times before. No, I’m not the world’s worst driver, just a frequent dreamer of falling.

But this time, it was different. In all my previous dreams, somehow the car, and I, always seemed to survive the crash. A ramp would appear out of nowhere to redirect the car, or suddenly a grassy hill would arise and I would land just perfectly to coast down it to safety. Not this time.

As the ground was rushing up into my view, suddenly there was a man next to me in the passenger seat of my car. Somehow I knew he was not human, but he simply sat there smiling calmly. He casually said, “You are not going to survive this one, are you ready to leave?”
I said, “Yes,” and whoosh, we went out the windows flying like a blur to the light. Then, I awoke. Bummer. Not that I didn’t die in the car crash, but that I didn’t get to see beyond the whoosh. As I lay there processing what just happened, peace descended upon me. If death is like that, then I’m good to go! No fear, no worries, nothing but a smiling companion who asks, “Are you ready to go?” Death’s sting has been removed for those that know the One that defeated it.

I would have liked to stay asleep and view what others have seen beyond the Light. Paul stated that he knew a man that was caught into the third heaven and saw things we simply cannot know just yet. John the Beloved was given a Revelation of the risen Christ that I read and reread often. We get a glimpse of what is next, but not the full picture.

I didn’t get the picture beyond the whoosh, but I did receive great comfort regarding the process of getting there, and for that, I am very grateful. In fact, I can’t wait to go to bed and see what happens next.

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