Can You Imagine?

004-shepherds-angelsCan you imagine what the shepherds must have felt like that glorious night? As they were doing their shepherd thing, just like they had been doing for years, suddenly an angel appears out of nowhere. I don’t know if the messenger had wings, but he (is that right?) certainly had a heavenly glow!

Strong light hurts my eyes. Sunlight, spotlights, and even a 60-watt bulb first thing in the morning causes me discomfort. My eyes need time to adjust. Having moved out into the country, one noticeable change from the city is how dark the nights are. We do not have street lights and it is dark. Did we really have all those stars at my old house?

I can visualize the shepherds sitting around their campfire and settling down for the night, just like they probably had done a thousand times before. Suddenly, and that would be an understatement, there is a glowing person of sorts in front of them. There is a good reason for “fear not” being the first words from heavenly beings to humans when they meet. Most of us would either jump out of our skin or pass out.

After their eyes adjusted and they could focus, the heavenly messenger gives them great news full of joy. The Messiah is born! As their hearts quit pounding and their breath settles a bit, suddenly (that word keeps showing up) the sky splits and is full of a heavenly choir. What a sight it must have been.

Surprisingly, they did not suffer heart attacks but decided to go see the Baby. Who wouldn’t? Heaven broke into the natural and shepherds experienced a once in history event. This birth would not be repeated for it would be unnecessary. The Savior was born.

Jesus came to seek and save the lost. This Baby was born to become the Lamb of God. This One would reverse Adam’s choice made all those centuries ago. Sin’s curse would be crushed under this Adam’s foot. The birth of Jesus was intended from eternity past to end in the cross of Calvary.

Jesus was born. Jesus lived a sinless, perfect life to become the spotless Offering for sin. This was accomplished on Good Friday and was proven to be accepted by the Resurrection. The greatest exchange every made was complete. He that knew no sin became sin so we could become the righteousness of God. (2 Corinthians 5:21)

With the conclusion in mind, we can gain a glimpse of why the heavenly choir broke into the shepherd’s peaceful night. The announcement to beat all announcements needed a grand entrance! The Savior is born. The King has come. The Messiah will save His people from their sin.

I pray in the midst of all the activity, gift giving, and food, we would not miss the reason for the celebrating. Jesus is indeed the reason for the season. Jesus is the One that all of this is about. Let us take some time during this busy season and read the Story again, pray, give thanks, instruct out children, and remember why we do all of this.

The Savior is born! Redemption has come and for that, I am eternally grateful.

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