Christian Skin-Fest?

modestyHosea 2:2 -But now bring charges against Israel—your mother— for she is no longer my wife, and I am no longer her husband. Tell her to remove the prostitute’s makeup from her face and the clothing that exposes her breasts.

An interesting way the translators for the NLT described rebellious Israel in the last part of the verse…I never understand why godly women today think it is appropriate to expose themselves for fashion or attention. I’m sure this opens me up to accusations of being judgmental, harsh, a legalist, misogynist, etc. for even asking, but still, I wonder what is the motivation behind all the skin being shown.

And in addition, why would other believers defend and encourage this clothing style via comments like, “you look pretty,” and “beautiful,” etc. when a woman of God exposes herself publicly. I wonder what is really going on with this accepted practice and why few say anything about it given the rampant problems with immorality, pornography addictions, and Christian marriages falling apart.

Have we lost the ability to be shocked, or to discern what is pure, lovely, holy and truly beautiful? Have we adapted so well to the culture around us that we simply accept their standards with little discernment?

Is modesty a swear word in Christian circles in our day? Is dressing in such a way as to promote purity in our appearance something to be avoided or embraced? Are we so diluted with the world’s view and opinions that we can expose ourselves and it simply does not matter any longer? Is it even wrong to ask these type questions in our day?

It seems because I am a man I have no right to ask these questions from some points of view, but the Scripture certainly should have the right and believers should consult the Scriptures in all matters pertaining to our daily life and I believe that would include how we dress.

If nothing else, the Scripture is clear that there is a dress of a prostitute and the translators of the NLT at least, connected the exposure of the body with the deeds of a prostitute. Do we really want to present ourselves in that fashion, pun intended! Why we do what we do is important to consider and I believe that goes all the way to how we present our bodies to be viewed by others.

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