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Freedom Vs. Liberty 2

The fact that what I am about to write is controversial should be a wake-up call to some of us. I have been shocked by how quickly our brothers and sisters in Christ laid down their God-given liberty for what I believe, they mistakenly call love.

The commands came down from those in governmental positions to reduce, curtail, restrict, and conform our liberties to their decrees, many made by those not elected, nor representative of the people, and the Church simply complied. Under the guise of “love,” the Church submitted to and supported abuse. Churches closed their doors, small businesses shut down, individual health choices were removed, and people traded liberty for something far less.

What was promised to only last 2 weeks dragged into a year and longer. Our founding fathers understood the difference between freedom and liberty. I wonder if we really do? Most of us can remember reading about Patrick Henry’s famous statement – “Give me liberty or give me death.” Would we state the same thing today?

David Barton clearly delineates between freedom and liberty with this quote – “Freedom is something that a government grants; liberty is something we own that a government cannot take away.”  Our founding fathers insisted that our liberty comes from God, not any government authority. Those in authority that violate liberty must be resisted.

Love looks out for the interests of others and many believers intended to do that by simply complying with mandates handed down from the political thrones. But is submission to abuse really love? Does love not consider future generations, our children, grandchildren and those who cannot stand up for themselves?

Our founding fathers understood that simply complying with tyranny is not love. In fact, resisting it is the ultimate form of love and is not rebellion. When those in authority cease to do God’s will and serve unrighteousness, we must resist and not support.

We have been called to liberty both as believers and as Americans. That liberty has been under constant assault for my entire life. This past year, we witnessed the vast majority of people simply laying liberty down based upon fear, a mistaken view of love, and political correctness. I wonder what our founding fathers would think of this past year? They fought a war to guarantee our liberty and we simply gave it away for security and a mistaken view of what love is all about.

The highest authority in our country is the Constitution. This document guarantees that we are a constitutional republic and not a democracy. In a democracy your rights are granted by the government and can be taken away just as given. In our form of government, your rights come from God and are protected by our Constitution. These rights can never be taken away by those in political positions.

I like Benjamin Franklin’s point of view on this topic – “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!”

Submitting to abuse and tyranny is not love. When our government leaders, both elected and appointed enter into abuse we must resist them. Peaceably of course, but resist we must. If we really begin to understand what is at stake and how our compliance impacts future generations, we will agree with Patrick Henry’s plea. Liberty is worth living and dying for.

Love demands we think of others and that certainly includes future generations. I pray this last year was an anomaly, yet the ease in which those in power restricted and manipulated church leaders and believers cause me great concern about what is coming next.  If the Church continues to give in to tyranny easily, what form of government will our grandchildren receive from us?  

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2 thoughts on “Freedom Vs. Liberty

  • Vesnelle B Rorris

    600,000 people died. Businesses failed, people were evicted and many suffered other indignities; but they lived! Many more would have died had not restrictions been passed and enforced. I still wear a mask when I am among people I don’t know. I am vaccinated because I do not want to be the reason someone else becomes ill and or dies. I wear a seat belt when i am in a car. It has saved my life once. No, I don’t like them, they are uncomfortable; but it is the law and they save lives. The church, God’s people, have the opportunity to show the world they care about others, they can follow the law. That building is not sacred. Telechurch works, people can worship in other places and other way. God did not say we had to be in a building to worship.

    • Jeff Klick Post author

      That’s what is great about the USA, everyone is entitled to their free opinion and though we may strongly disagree on the facts, you are perfectly free to express yours. I pray that those of us on the other side remain free to share ours as well. That is after all, what the 1st Amendment is all about.