A Desire Fulfilled

The first part of Proverbs 13:19 states – “A desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul.” Most of us have probably experienced this when we really wanted something like a new job, electronic toy, or a particular car, and then it happened, we got it!  That feeling inside of us that says, “Yes, finally!”

Sometimes we want something and it happens quickly, and there are many other times that we have to wait, endure, overcome obstacles, and break a sweat before what we desire comes into reality.  It seems to me that the desires fulfilled that take time and struggle are better appreciated than the ones that come quickly without much effort. For you math type people here is an equation to consider – {the fulfillment experienced is in direct proportion to the time waited and energy spent in seeking.}  While not always true, I believe it is usually the case.

This same thought can be applied to our growth in the Lord. Struggles tend to make us stronger than times of rest and peace. Many times the pressures of life lead to our crying out the Lord in a stronger fashion then during the times of ease and comfort. While I may pray in a general way for my spouse, children and grandchildren each day, if one of them was diagnosed with a terminal disease today, my prayers would take on a more intense tone immediately.

Today, December 5th is a date that always stirs up something in my soul. Eighteen years ago, we stepped out in faith to begin a unique church. Some brave folks came along side us and these men and women gave their money, time and support to launch Hope Family Fellowship on this date in 1993. What began as an idea based out of desire to attempt a different type of church has grown into something fulfilling – A desired realized that is sweet to the soul.

These eighteen years have been populated with joy, doubt, hurt, failure, pleasure, frustration and satisfaction depending on the season, and sometimes the day of the week. Yet, we continue in our mission to make a difference in our world. “Changing our world one family at a time” is our motto, and we attempt to keep this in the forefront of everything we do.

As I focus on the many wonderful individuals that make up the congregation of Hope Family Fellowship, I am humbled and honored. There are some that have been here from the beginning and others that have just recently found us. There are those that have the vision firmly in their hearts and others that this is all new to them. Some that are part of us to heal up from the abuse they have received elsewhere and others that are stepping out into ministry to a hurting world. For each one that call Hope Family Fellowship home, I am extremely grateful.

For those that have come and gone over the years, my heart often aches. Some I have hurt or disappointed and others have been offended by words or actions, none of which were intentional, yet still were painful. I can only pray that the Lord will help those that still feel this way to walk in forgiveness and to heal. While common to every church, pastors are not prepared for, or immune to, the pain of rejection that is encountered on their side. Most pastors do not stay at one church very long and the vast majority will leave the ministry in defeat. People that study such things place estimates as high as 9 out of 10. How sad. For me, I agree with Dennis, I love my church, and I hope to see generational impact from our work here, and that there would be thousands positively impacted by Hope.

Eighteen years is long on the one hand, and short on the other. We have learned some, grown some, and continue walking in the vision God gave us years ago. The main vision is to help families grow, mature, and reach out. Hope is populated with many godly young people who are a fulfillment to that vision, and as I look around on Sundays, it is sweet to my soul. We have some young people that have grown up at Hope, married and are now raising their families here. I hope there will be many more. We have some marriages that have been restored, relationships healed, and we have ministry taking place all over the city and even in other countries. May it increase. Many tell me that Hope is a great place to raise a family. What more could a guy want and can your iPad or Android app do that? 🙂

Happy Anniversary Hope Family Fellowship!

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