A Public Service Announcement For Parents

PAD – a new threat is sweeping the church of America…in reality it is not all that new for it has been around as long as there have been parents and children…this syndrome can infect any family at any time…this hideous monster strikes and often leaves irreparable damage in its wake. Sometimes the results of this vile outbreak include broken hearts, damaged spirits, disastrous choices, division, strife, and sin patterns that influence the victims for life. PAD often sneaks up on unsuspecting victims and wreaks its havoc before it is even diagnosed. This easily cured disorder is often not even considered when a family is facing major relational issues, and is ignored at the families’ own regret.

Countless teenage pregnancies and immoral behavior of all sorts including porn addiction find their roots in this terrible threat! Unchecked lying, stealing, deceit, poor work ethics, poor choices of marriage partners, and even failing school grades have their roots in PAD. While I am not normally an alarmist, I believe that this outbreak has, and can, ruin any family! We must take action today. We must be alert! We must resist the rampant spread of PAD.

PAD cannot be defeated with vitamins, exercise, or modern medicine. There is only one known cure, and while relatively easy to administer, it is strongly resisted by many. Often attempts are made to counter PAD with money, things, and busyness, but all prove futile in the end. There is however, one cure that is effective, and it is completely backed by the Creator.

What is PAD you may wonder? Parental Attention Disorder. When we as parents are too busy to invest in the lives of our children we release this horrid, terrible, disastrous, devastating, debilitating, dreadful, ruinous, catastrophic, generational influencing, (well you get the idea) life-long impacting disorder. Our family, our churches, and our nation suffer because of the choices we make as parents!

The cure is simple, but costly. We must rearrange the priorities of our life. The gift that God has given us in our children and grandchildren must be guarded and our time and oversight must increase in their lives. Do we know what they are thinking? Do we know whom they are playing with, and how they are playing? Do we know where they are? Do we know what they are listening to and watching on the computer and TV? How can we train them if we are not with them? How can we correct behavior that needs direction if we do not know what they are doing and how they are doing it? How can we pray for them with insight if we are not with them? We cannot and must not delegate this God-given task to others! While others can and do assist, the responsibility has been given to you as the parents from The Creator Himself!

PAD is lurking near your home…are you prepared to deal with it? The cure rests in parental action taken…and the sooner the better! The results of this disorder can be repaired, but action must take place ASAP! Act now to limit the outbreak and spread of this sickness! While there are no 100% guarantees that our children will always make the correct decisions, they stand a much better chance of success if we fight PAD daily! An involved and informed parent will help limit the impact of this dreaded disorder in our society.

This has been a public service message from one who has been fighting the results of this terrible disorder for the better part of his life…parents, be aware, and take action today to protect your family from PAD!

See: – Psalm 127:3-5, Proverbs 17:6, 22:6, 29:15, Ephesians 5:16, 6:4. Philippians 4:8, Hebrews 12:5-11 for directions to help combat PAD.

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