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ProvisionsThis is a copy of a blog post that I recently wrote for the good folks over at Church Central
Many years ago, my wife and I were touring the then famous Crystal Cathedral. During the experience, we entered a beautifully decorated room and encountered the ORGAN. This beast was multiple stories high and I have no clue how someone would ever play it. The tour guide explained to us that someone had donated one million dollars to purchase the instrument. That still is a good chunk of change and was even more so in the early 1980’s. Next, the very enthused guide explained, that since the organ cost so much to maintain, the same person gave them another million dollars to hire people to keep the organ in tune and running.

I had an epiphany at that moment – there is no lack of money for God’s work. If someone would donate two million dollars for an organ, then if God was leading me to do anything for His Kingdom, money could and would be provided. Lack of money is never the issue; finding God’s will always is.

This understanding resurfaced as I was reading one of G. Campbell Morgan’s sermons recently. The title of the message is, “Jubilation in Desolation,” and I would commend it to you. The salient point of the message is:

God is able to supply all that is needful from resources of which we know nothing.

For example, God made:

Everything to begin from nothing in Creation
Water to flow from a rock
Manna to appear daily for years
Shoes to not wear out for 40 years
Quail to fly to the desert to feed millions
Moses survive without food or water for 40 days, not once, but twice
Ravens feed a prophet
A widow’s flour and oil not run out until other provision was available
Poison stew and undrinkable water healed by flour and a stick
Hundreds of gallons of excellent wine from water
Bread and fish multiply to feed thousands, twice

I know that list is more than ten, but you get the idea — God can create resources, command nature to provide them, and also change us physically so we don’t even need them. God is never limited in fulfilling His will.

The key to provision seems to be discerning what God wants, how He wants it done, and in what fashion. The famous saying is still true — God’s will done in God’s way will never lack God’s provision. Do we really believe this?

To be honest, many times I don’t. I believe that I have to teach, work, sell, organize, lead by example, follow the latest fundraising guides, and use every tool available to me to accomplish God’s will. None of these are wrong, and in fact, we should be trying to do the best we possibly can, but the results are not mine to control.

For every successful fundraising campaign, there are multiple failures. Every perfectly organized meeting does not produce fantastic results. Teaching, leading and selling sometimes fail miserably. Does that mean we are failures? Not at all. We may simply be seeking something other than what God desires and therefore we do not have His provision.

If we really believe that God is able, and we should, then we need to move to a position of faith and rest. We do our best and trust the One that can do anything for the results. Is there a need? God is able to supply all that is truly needed from a vast store of resources that we are completely unaware of. We ask, wait, and walk in obedience to what He commands.

God is able. God is willing to fund whatever He directs us to attempt. If we lack funds, perhaps the issue is not asking for more money, but asking if what we are doing is what God really wants. There is nothing wrong with asking for money; but seeking the Kingdom first is what is commanded in Matthew 6:33.

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