I Don’t Have Time to Read the Bible 2

time breakdownEveryone has differing stats and can probably quote competing studies regarding the amount of time people spend on social media. Here are some numbers, dated 1/1/2015 from a Cowen and Company poll, across all age groups. As with any study, take it for what is worth.

All age groups spend about 42.1 minutes per day on Facebook, with millennial’s (ages 10 to 29) dedicating 51 minutes to the platform.

• In a surprise, Tumblr finished second overall, with 34.2 minutes per day
Instagram was next with 21.2 minutes per day
Pinterest received 20.8 minutes per day
Twitter narrowly beat out Snapchat for 5th place (17.1 to 17 minutes)
• Surprising, the alternative Ello came in next at 13.2 minutes per day, although the platform (which promises no advertising) is used predominantly by 45 to 60 year olds)
LinkedIn comes last at 9.8 minutes per day

These numbers do not take into account texting, web surfing, game playing, YouTube viewing, and following blogs/sports/news outlets. Throw in TV time, Netflix, or RedBox, and I am sure there are several hours used each day in these pursuits.

The point of these stats is not to bemoan any of the above, but simply to make an observation that we all have the same amount of time to do whatever we want to accomplish within that allotted time.

As believers, we need our minds renewed and the Word of God promises to do so – See Romans 12:2. The Word of God also claims to be able to discern between soul and spirit and discern the thoughts and intentions of our heart – see Hebrews 4:12. Most social media, gaming, or internet outlets make no such claim.

So, what will we do in 2015? How will we spend our days? Will we make room in our schedules for the Word of God? It is our choice. Here are some links to a Bible reading schedule that might help with where or how to begin – http://www.thebible.net/read/sched.html



I am not endorsing any of these websites necessarily, but these are presented as a sample of available resources. If we want to be somewhere different next January, what we begin today will help. We all can start, and we all can change; we simply have to decide to do so.

Why not take a few minutes today? We all find time for what is important; shouldn’t the Word of God have a priority in our lives? Tell your social media friends that you are going to be gone for a few minutes to renew your mindin fact, why not ask them to do the same thing.


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2 thoughts on “I Don’t Have Time to Read the Bible

  • Jonatan

    Great observation. We should be spending less time online and spend more time outside and or reading God’s word. Theres always the excuse of not having time to read it, but we do have the time to read it, we just use it up doing other things lol. 😀