Jesus Is The Reason

Various-Blessing-of-Christmas-Manger-or-Nativity-SceneAs we think and sing about the most amazing birth in all of history, we cannot help but smile, cry and rejoice. Christ the Savior was born that night. Angels announced it, shepherds went to confirm it, and later on, wise men that followed a star brought gifts for this Child.

What a beginning! What started out poorly with no room in the inn, ended up historic. Mary treasured up all these things in her heart. A young girl, chosen from all the young ladies of her day to be the mother of the Messiah. Her heart would indeed experience the full range of emotions.

Joy at birth. Marvel at gifts and worship from strangers. More strangers would prophesy at this Baby’s dedication in the temple. Confusion as her Son said I have to be about My Father’s business and who is My mother and family but those that do God’s will. Good pride watching her Son grow into a fine carpenter craftsman, a teacher followed by thousands, miracle worker and the Triumphant Entry.

Finally, her heart would break as she, along with close friends watched her Son die upon the cross a disfigured, nearly beaten to death man. In that dark time, she would hear His words – “Father forgive them, they know not what they do,” “I thirst,” even, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me.” She had to hear, “today,” my fellow crucified one, a common thief, “you will be with Me in paradise.” Finally, she would hear the final cry – “it is finished!”

The body would be taken down and tears and wailing would flow. The dead body would be taken to a nearby tomb, carefully wrapped and placed beyond her sight. Numb, all would leave and try to deal with their pain, grief and broken dreams and hearts.
What a time. What emotions. What confusion and disappointment. But, we know what they did not. They thought they were at the end of the story. We know it was simply a divine pause.

We know that when Jesus cried it was finished, it was not only His earthly life He was referring to, but the battle with sin. Sin’s power, that had held all of mankind in its deathly grip was beaten!
The blood of Jesus Christ was shed to establish the New Covenant. This Man was born for that moment. Jesus had prayed while shedding great drops of blood if there was any other way, but there was not. Jesus, by walking out the Father’s will became the only Way.

As the broken came to the tomb to continue their grieving, the stone was rolled away. Jesus not only defeated sin but death itself! As they left the tomb, more confusion and wonder filled them, but only for a short while, because soon the Lord Himself would show up and blow all the confusion away!

Life conquered death and now we live. The power of the cross and resurrection has not lost any of its glory and saving power down to our day. We celebrate the birth and sing of everything associated with it, but we must view the birth through the death and resurrection to fully appreciate it!

Jesus came to seek and save those that were lost. Without the Way, the Truth and the Life, you are lost. With Jesus, you are found. Your life can now have meaning, purpose and you can be free. You can be free from sin, guilt, worry, fear, slavery to any addiction and can live a life that matters all because of what Jesus did.

It is never recorded anywhere that Jesus turned away anyone that was willing to come to Him. Come to Him and you will find what you are missing. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and you can have all of that tonight. Come to the Savior as we celebrate His birth, for Jesus is the Reason for this season. May we rejoice in Him always!

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