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Like millions of other readers, I like spending time in Spurgeon’s sermons. The abilities this Prince of Preachers displayed is a tribute to God’s incredible heart for His people. God gave gifts to His Bride and the insights offered through Spurgeon are a jewel.

The New Fashion was a message I enjoyed this week. Spurgeon focused on how people responded to a miracle performed and spun sentences in a manner that makes me marvel. Consider some of these gems for each of these three sentences are deep and wide in thought.

  • To believe that we know before we do know is to prevent our really making discoveries and coming to right knowledge.
  • It is easy to show a man a thing if he will open his eyes, but if he shuts his eyes, and resolves not to see, the task is difficult.
  • You judge only from what you know, and what you are cable of, while God is infinitely above all that you know and can conceive.

How many of us are blinded by our pride and self-knowledge and therefore miss “right knowledge?” Don’t confuse me with facts my mind is made up already, seems to be a current mindset from politics to science to preachers.

How many of us shut our eyes and refuse to see the truth? I know I have. I don’t want something to be true so I refuse to see it. I sugar coat my sin and make sure you don’t yours! Is it so hard to admit that we don’t know something? Do we have to be the sum total of all knowledge on every topic? If I resolve not to see, then seeing will be difficult if not impossible.

We all tend to think we are the plumb line. Our view is correct and if you don’t line up then you must be wrong. If I can’t understand it, explain it, or justify it, then it can’t be done! Pride, pride, pride. Do we judge from what we can see? Of course. Is God bigger and beyond our ability. I hope and pray so.

While the first three quotes I have shared are somewhat negative, the next one causes me to worship:

  • Know thou O man, that God is no streamlet, or lakelet, which thou canst measure, and whose capacity thou canst calculate; He is a sea without a bottom and without a shore, and all thy thoughts are drowned when thou dost attempt to measure Him.

God is so far beyond my ability to understand. Whatever my mind can dream up, God is greater. However much love I think He has and has given, it is not even close to reality. His grace, mercy, patience, and love are beyond measure, and I love and worship Him for that truth.

God’s wisdom, plans, will, and sovereignty is beyond any image even Spurgeon can dream up. An ocean without a bottom and without a shore is an excellent picture, but even that falls short of how great our God is.

The amazing thing is that this God loves me and you. This One, the One that is so far beyond anything we can even think or imagine, knows us, and loves us. He is for us. In fact, if you know Him, you are His dearly loved child. As His child, you are an heir and there are promises that await their fulfillment that we can not even begin to dream of.

I want to open my eyes and shut down my pride so I can truly know what the infinite God wants to reveal. I want to lay my judgment down so the God beyond anything can have His way in my life. I want to stop trying to measure God by my limited knowledge and learn to abide in the One unmeasurable. How about you?

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