The Nobody Club

hello-i-amAA has the famous greeting when a new member joins, “Hi, my name is Bob, and I’m an alcoholic.” After the greeting, everyone says, “Hi Bob.” It’s really more like, “Hiiiiiii” Bob.” A long, drawn-out greeting of recognition and acceptance.

If I ever started a club it would go more like, “Hi, my name is Jeff, and I am a nobody.” Everyone would respond, “Hiiiiiii Jeff.” Many of us feel more like a nobody rather than a special somebody. As we are bombarded with the accomplishments of the popular, gifted and special people, it is easy to believe we are charter members of the nobody club.

Most of us do not impact the nations, have huge audiences that hang on our every word, or have to fight off the paparazzi every time we walk outside. We are nobody special. For preachers, if the truth be told, it is sometimes hard to have your weekly listeners tell you how inspired they were by whoever is the popular radio, TV or internet preaching sensation. Who am I to compete with those almost mythical, gifted, story-telling marvels? I am nobody special.

This is also true for authors, athletes, and non-actors. Our books don’t sell millions of copies. We are not professionals that make their living off of sports. We do not look like those that grace our screens. When we compare ourselves and what we have done to those that have the fame, we are nobody. “Hiiiiiii Jeff” rings in my ears.

This feeling of being a nobody is true. It is also false. While we may be nobody special to everyone, we are most special to the One that matters. We are created in the image of God. We are His dearly loved child. If no one else finds us special, our Father does. In fact, He says this about us:

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

The word workmanship in this verse includes the understanding of masterpiece. A proper way to quote this verse is to state that we are His masterpiece! For the record, our Creator does not create junk. Nor does He fail. Nor does He do useless. Everything He does is for a purpose, and that purpose is perfect.

In addition to God, we are important to others. There may not be many, but there certainly is someone. Maybe they are not even born yet, but there are those that we will impact. Even if we don’t know who they may be, God does. Behind every famous person stands an entire army of people whose names we do not know. This is true in Scripture, and it is true in our world today.

Most of us have families that love us. We probably hold a job of some sort and there are people that rely upon us. We have an impact on others, even if we don’t recognize it. We really do matter, and probably to a great deal more people than we can imagine.

If by some strange chance, you are an orphaned, single, unemployed adult, and still can’t think of anyone that would care if you lived or died, consider the last part of the verse I shared above. God created each of us for good works. There is someone, somewhere, that is just waiting for you to do what God intended for you to do.

We do not belong in the nobody club, but the masterpiece club. We need to say, “Hi, I’m Jeff, and I am a masterpiece.” And the response will be from other masterpieces, “Hiiiiiii Jeff.” We have good works to do, so let’s go get busy and do them my fellow, former, nobodies. You have value, you are a somebody, and you are a masterpiece in process.

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