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Modesty-FashionWell, the temperature is rising and per our culture, the clothes are coming off. The season that many godly people dread is upon us. The battle for moral purity and a sound mind rages within all of us, but for the male species, we are creatures ensnared by the visual.

Pornography traps millions with its computer-generated lies. Lust is warned against by Jesus as the same sin as actually committing the act, and Christian men and women are not immune to the destruction unleashed.

The gathering of the saints for worship, prayer, instruction in the Word of God and fellowship should be a place where everyone can find a bit of relief from the summer onslaught of skin. Sadly, sometimes it is not.

For some reason, and I know there are many, Christian, godly women of all ages fail to understand this issue from the male point of view. Under the guise of fashion, freedom, and comfort, some women both old and young expose private parts to public view.

While I can certainly understand wanting to be comfortable and even in style, I would challenge the women of God (and their husbands/fathers) to consider others as more important than themselves, esteeming one another, laying down their freedoms for the sake of others, and to carefully consider how what they wear may impact others.

If cleavage is showing, cover it up. If what you are wearing is so tight that every mole and wrinkle can be seen, please consider a larger size. I know, I know, I just entered a place where a man should not dare to go, but I did anyway. Please forgive me for doing so, but please don’t ignore the plea in the process. The house of worship should be a sanctuary worthy of our Lord.

We really are responsible for one another and modesty is not immune to that command. Neither is lust and men must learn to take their thoughts captive and train their eyes to look at the faces of their sisters. It is a two-way partnership between godly men and women to help one another in this delicate area.

We have an enemy that loves to destroy us. Both sides in this issue have a responsibility to be on guard, to consider the other side, and to walk in moral purity. I am not assigning motives to anyone simply asking everyone to be considerate and to walk in love one for another. I believe I am on solid ground and in good company when asking for this.

John 13:34-35 – Jesus said to love one another; He meant it.

Philippians 2:3 – Esteem one another as better than ourselves and Paul meant it as well.

Galatians 5:13 – We are free in Christ; free to lay down our lives for everyone!

None of us want to be a stumbling block and none of us want to be an object. If we would stop and think how our actions, words, stares, and yes, even what we are wearing will impact others, we all will have a much better time when the saints gather to worship the Lord in the Spirit of holiness.

Pastor Jeff

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