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Most pastors love visitors. New people allow us to share what we believe with a fresh audience. A quick search on any web engine will reveal many tools, tricks, and techniques to entice people to check out our churches. Some will even stay! There is a visitor on her way to your gathering, are you ready?


Mary Jane is coming to your church. I am not a prophet or a son of a prophet, but make no mistake Mary Jane is on her way. What will you do with her? How will you respond to her visit? Will she be welcomed or rejected? Will she find a place in your youth gatherings? I am not a betting man either, but I would say probably yes, based on how her cousin Jamie has been accepted.

In 1973 I met Jesus. Prior to the meeting Him, I was a long-haired, smelly, Mary Jane user. In fact, Mary Jane and I had become intimate multiple times a day. Mary Jane was with me when I awoke, during school, before and after meals, and in the evenings. Mary Jane was a dedicated companion. Will she be one for those in your church?

Back in those days Mary Jane was illegal, but now she is not in several states. More will follow the trend. Every church in America sooner than later will have to decide how Mary Jane will be accepted in their gathering. Jamie is welcome in many gatherings; will Mary Jane follow? BTW – Jamie is slang for a very popular whisky, and many Christians have little problem with social drinking once someone reaches adulthood.

I do not want to enter the fight about social drinking other than to simply say I don’t social drink. For the record, I fully understand that the Scripture prohibits drunkenness not social drinking. My reasons for not drinking, even though I am free to do so, are pretty simple. People watch my life, and what I do provides a license for many others. What I may have the maturity to do in moderation, others do not. In addition, there are millions of people trapped in alcoholism that began with social drinking. With my temperament towards addiction, the easiest way for me to avoid this is simply not to drink. There are other reasons, but for my purposes here, these are sufficient.

My life was radically changed the day I met Jesus and drugs and booze no longer had a home in my heart. I will not invite them back, even if I am free.

The argument for accepting Mary Jane will follow the same one as social drinking, but I am not buying it. I know Mary Jane too well. I also know that in the forty years since I hung out with her, she has gained strength. What we smoked is nothing compared to what is available today. Even with the weaker potency, most of the three years Mary Jane and I spent together there was just a hazy cloud in my brain. I was marvelously delivered from the kingdom of darkness into Jesus’ kingdom of light and everything changed.

Mary Jane specializes in helping her friends drop their inhibitions, with sexual freedom being one of her calling cards. In addition, this deceptive girl has cleverly avoided most of the taboos of another smoking friend of her, cigarettes. While inhaling multiple poisons connected to tobacco has become unacceptable in society, Mary Jane has promised to not hurt people with her smoke. I know better.

Not only does Mary Jane lie, but she will take you further than you intend to go. While it is possible to take one drink of her cousin alcohol and not become drunk, it is not possible to take one hit from Mary Jane and not become infected. We used many words to describe this event in our day – stoned, high, loaded, and wasted. Aren’t those wonderful words describing a desirable behavior for a young man or woman of God? After inviting Mary Jane into your life you can lower your moral standards, lose your mental capacities, inhale smoke into your lungs, and check out of your senses for hours at a time. A true blessing indeed. (Please hear heavy sarcasm here 🙂

Mary Jane will tempt you to meet some of her friends. I know she claims to not be addictive, but what would you expect her to say? Again, I know better. Mary Jane wants your mind, heart, and your life. Her friends that I met were speed, LSD, hash, and a host of others. In truth, Mary Jane is really depressing. She promises a high, but that only lasts for a short time. After the euphoria, a crash happens. What do we do then? More Mary Jane is the answer. Or perhaps something a bit stronger that lasts longer.

“That does not happen,” she screams. Really? I don’t buy that either, I know better. Mary Jane gives and she takes away. Do we really want to go down this path? I can assure you, from someone who knows this Girl that the path leads to destruction not life.

Ask just about any youth leader about social drinking among the teens. Has it really helped the young people to walk with God in moral purity? Does a group of young (or old for that matter) people gathering to have a few drinks really enhance our spiritual sensitivity? Does social drinking help us desire God’s holiness and presence more? “Hey, Jesus and I just want to have a nice cocktail together.” Really?

What will we say with Mary Jane? “Hey Jesus and I just want to get loaded together?” Or stoned? Or wasted? Farfetched? I don’t think so, and the day is not far off. Multiple states have made marijuana legal, with many more leaning the same way. The allure of taxation will push this through sooner than later. Dopers pay taxes and common sense resistance is even harder through a cloud of mind-numbing smoke.

I can already hear some of the arguments for accepting Mary Jane:

  • We must be relevant you know.
  • We do not want to be a legalist.
  • Become all things to all men to win some.
  • I am free in Christ.

I agree with all of those statements, but I know Mary Jane well. She does not have the cause of Christ as her primary agenda. She is the queen of lies, promising so much and costing so little.  Mary Jane will visit your group and her arrival is not far off. What will you do with her? Will Mary Jane strengthen your ministry, encourage your youth, help you reach the lost, or will it all just go up in smoke?

Dr. Jeff Klick

About Jeff Klick

Husband, father, grandfather, pastor and author that loves his Lord, wife, family and the Word of God. Please let me know how I may help you in your journey.

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2 thoughts on “Will Mary Jane Stay?

  • Dick Germaine

    Jeff, thank you for making this issue so clear to us. Never having had an encounter with Mary Jane I was somewhat niave about what she could/does lead one into. I always sensed it was dangerous, and therefore unwise, to get involved with her, and I have never met a follower of The Lord Jesus who was using her and also demonstrating an intimate walk with The Lord Jsus. You have given me insight into how to respond to defenses of the use of MJ.

    • jeff Post author

      Thanks for the comment and gracious words. Some of the two coasts have already encountered this problem and as the legal battles engulf the rest of the country, I firmly believe every pastor sooner than later will have to deal with it.