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iStock_000028792714Large-2835x1113 Every person is important and every life makes a difference. That is not just some hopeful statement to grace an Instagram post, but reality. Let me explain how this works.

We just had our annual distribution of scholarship funds for young people in our service last Sunday. This year $7,500 was given to ten different people going to college and various post high school type training. In fact, there has been $27,500 worth of scholarships presented over the last few years. Where did that money come from?

The backdrop behind these gifts is interesting and happens to fit into the title of this post. Go figure. A family in our church are neighbors to the couple that ended up providing the funds for these scholarships. What did the family do to make this happen? Nothing special.

The family simply went about their day doing whatever they did and the couple next door observed them. The man living next door mother passed away and left some money in a trust. The neighbor was so impressed with this family and how they lived their daily life that he asked if there were any more like them in their local church.

The family shared that there were and an idea was birthed to provide some funds for those seeking post high school education or ministry. Initially, the grant was $5,000 for three years. As the three years ended the couple decided to raise the amount to $7,500 and provide it indefinitely.

Now to the point. Why did they do this? The answer – because they observed a family, and now other families being families. Our lives matter. How we live matters. How we go about doing our daily thing matters.

These gifts are being used by dozens of young people to accomplish ministry and the pursuit of higher education. The way I look at this is that when the results of the outcome of these lives are calculated, the couple giving the money will certainly receive some credit, as well as the family living next door. Do you see how this works?

When someone provides money to assist others, aren’t they partially credited with the results of that investment? So, won’t the people that prompted the gift in the first place also be credited? What were the neighbors doing again? Just being a family.

Each of us impacts others. Each of us are epistles known and read by all men. Our lives matter regardless of what we do for a living, or our age, or our social status. In this case, the line can be clearly drawn on how the effect began. In most of our lives, we will have to wait for eternity to discover what was taking place without us even being aware.

In this case, we can follow the lives of young people as they launch out into service around the globe. For most of us, the line is not that easy to see, but it is there. Each of us impacts others even if we are unaware of it. We live our lives and we interact with others making a difference. Sometimes we know it but most times we will have to wait to see the result.

Keep on walking, loving and serving others, many are watching and especially your Father. The bottom line – don’t grow weary in well doing, for in due season you will reap a reward if you don’t give up! Galatians 6:9

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