Catch The Vision Of A Generational Harvest! 4

The Great Commission begins at homeand this website is dedicated to that purpose. Please take some time and read the blog, visit some of my recommended sites or perhaps order a book, or listen to a message. Begin to catch a vision to change our world by changing our homes. We can make a difference,and it can begin right now with those that know us the best – our familyBefore Jesus ascended into heaven he told His followers to go into all the world and make disciples. Jesus also told them to begin in Jerusalem, then branch out into the surrounding regions, and eventually the entire world. This website is dedicated to helping fulfill the Great Commission that begins right where it should – in the home!


The Grandkid Gang

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4 thoughts on “Catch The Vision Of A Generational Harvest!

  • Tim Scott

    Many blessing & prayers to all fellow disciples of The Lord Jesus, remember we are all called to not only “Follow me,” but also to become “fishers of men”. Brother Klick your blog is doing that making “disciples of all nations.” Praise God!

    • jeff Post author

      Thanks Tim for your comments. God’s grace is sufficient and I pray that what is shared here will indeed help disciple – Blessings. Jeff

  • Jim Freemyer

    I am perplexed at your comments that parents have abdicated spiritual responsibility to the church and or Christian school. Just because parents partner with others as they guide their children does not mean abdication. There were numerous young people who went through Christian education that love the Lord and serve him in a big way. My five all love the Lord. One is a Christian college chemistry professor, one a surgeon, on working on his PHD in Old Testament, One a graphic artist, and one works in HR. I get facebook notes of appreciation on a regular basis. Those are my comments.
    Jim Freemyer

    • jeff Post author

      Hi Jim, I believe the comments you are referring to are in one of my books or radio interview perhaps? Parents are free to, and often encouraged to partner with others, including schools, churches and other adults. Some, however, not all of course, but some have simply felt like they fulfilled their duty as parents by dropping off their children at the school and church. I think we would agree that any partnership between parents and outside helping entities works best when the parents are fully engaged.