Beyond the Whoosh

As my car went crashing through the guardrail the thoughts of a flaming death filled my mind. Would it hurt? What if I just laid there broken but not dead? The ground was far, far away. Miles it seemed. I frantically tried to call my wife, but she didn’t answer. I quickly sent her a […]



Invest in Fathers

(I shared this first over at In our anti-male climate, thoughts such as these could probably be scorned. Men are mocked, stereotyped, and sadly, considered as a necessary evil sometimes, yet if we hope to capture the next generation for Christ, men are the key. (Before the stones start flying, and, if there is […]

3 Essential Ingredients for Life

Here is a blog post I just added to Church Central I spent a bit of time this week engaging someone on social media. Most of us probably have the major outlets that open opportunities beyond our own circles. This particular person took offense at my message from 1 John 2:1-2 stating the believers can […]



Darkness Reveals What Light Often Blocks Out

Most believers love the light. We desire to walk in the light of truth, reflect the light of Jesus, and share the Gospel’s light with those trapped in the darkness of their sin. We love the light, and so we should. By contrast, most of us do not really like the dark times. The hard […]

Are We Confused? 1

I’m not referring to what to eat, the answer to a trivia question, or how use our smart phone, but about what the Scriptures clearly state. It seems like almost every day I hear someone say, or perhaps boldly writes it on a social media outlet, “I am under grace!.” I couldn’t agree more! We […]



Heart Words

Our bodies are an amazing creation. The way we were designed to function boggles the mind. I heard, or probably read one time, that Leonardo da Vinci said just studying the human hand would lead someone to the Creator. While I don’t know if Leonardo really said that, I do know that we are magnificent […]

Do I Have To? 1

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus presents¬†an example of how to pray. Millions of us have memorized the prayer best known as “The Lord’s Prayer.” I wonder though, if we have lost something due to the familiarity of the words? ¬† Beginning in the third sentence we encounter these thoughts: “Give us this day […]