Why the Family-Integrated Church Model?

  These notes are from a recent interview I did with Eric Burd on a live conference call. Pastors and elders from around the country gather and discuss topics relevant to the family-integrated church. Eric is the president of the Household of Faith Ministries and The Council for Family-Integrated Churches. This discussion revolved around the […]

Fatherhood Series- Love Your Wife

We cannot do everything, but we all can do something, and it should begin now. In my management training, there was a principle that was repeatedly driven into my head – do it now. This is true when handling paper; file it, delegate it, or take care of it, do not just shift it around […]

A Public Service Announcement For Parents

PAD – a new threat is sweeping the church of America…in reality it is not all that new for it has been around as long as there have been parents and children…this syndrome can infect any family at any time…this hideous monster strikes and often leaves irreparable damage in its wake. Sometimes the results of […]