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Books offer insights into topics that can’t be addressed in detail in a sermon. Each of these books is written to assist anyone that desires growth in their faith! If you are looking for answers on reaching your family for Christ, how to walk in moral purity, or how to have a deeper relationship with Jesus, these will help! Click on the photo and you will be taken to to order them. If you want to order in bulk for a reduced rate, drop me an email. Thanks!


 Courage to Train

Living for over sixty decades has provided some insights into how to help train those following us. From both mistakes made and successes achieved, we can and will impact our children and grandchildren. God has commanded us to train our children and this book will help in that process. There is no 0ne-size-fits-all type approach, but there are principles that we must learn and implement to fulfill our responsibility given by God Himself to us as parents.








Love in the Face of Life

God’s love will change the world and this book will show you how. God is love and those that name His name will learn how to walk in that love to make a difference in this life.



For Our Consideration: Food for the Christian Mind




Sixty devotionals and eight in-depth Bible studies to assist any small group leader or a parent looking for Scriptural material to discuss. Also, helpful for daily devotions!


A Glimpse Behind The Calling: The Life of a Pastor

 Mark Fox and I teamed up on this book to encourage both pastors and those who love and support them. This behind the scenes look into the lives of pastors is open, honest, sometimes humorous and always encouraging. Both Mark and I have been pastors for over 30 years, so we write from a position of experience.

We deal with topics like schedule, family issues, hurts, ministry pressures, and the joys and pains of pastoring. Each chapter ends with some thought-provoking questions for both the pastor and those that support them. Perfect for small group discussion as well as personal reading.

The book is written to help pastors and the people around them to accomplish two main purposes – first, that pastors know they are not alone in their struggles, and second, that those who love their pastor(s) can better understand how to be effective “Aaron and Hurs” to help hold up the pastor’s arms. We also hope to encourage younger pastors by sharing some insights we have discovered over the decades.

Confessions of a Church FelonProtecting Your Ministry from the Flames of Fraud

Over $39 billion was lost to the ravages of fraud in the first half of 2014, while $34 billion was spent on missions to reach the lost. This sobering statistic is staggering and can you imagine if most of that stolen money could have used to further the work of the Gospel? The numbers come from a study performed by Brotherhood Mutual, an insurance company specializing in churches. This must change, and the tools presented in this book can help. Running through the book is a story of a real-life felon. No, they were not some hardened criminal or underworld figure, they were the church administrator and a dearly loved friend. How could they steal from their own church? Could anything have been done to prevent it? What can we learn from this sad drama? Get the book, give one to every member of your leadership team and find out! We must change what is going on, and this book will help.


Pastoral HelmsmanshipThe Pastor’s Guide to Church Administration


Pastoral Helmsmanship is a tool that every pastor needs. Pastors carry a huge administrative load and often are ill-equipped to manage it. This book will assist any pastor in every size church with the insights needed to succeed. From budgeting, working with staff, boards and volunteers, leading meetings, and taking care of the family, Pastoral Helmsmanship covers it all in practical, understandable language. Seminary presidents, denomination and church leaders, and pastors are giving this tool rave reviews -you will too after you read it.

“I highly recommend this new book to you.” –  Frank S. Page – President and CEO Southern Baptist Convention
…”the author’s Rodney Harrison, Jeffrey Klick, and Glenn Miller have given a well-rounded orientation for new pastors – and also mature ones – of how to guide the church without being a dictator and without surrendering to a laissez-faire attitude.” Elmer Towns – Liberty University

Learn from their wisdom and avoid debilitating ministry leadership mistakes.”   Dr. Jeff Iorg, President, Golden Gate Seminary
“My own estimation of the volume comes down to this ? will I use a good bit of the material therein? Answer? you bet. After you read it you will think similarly.” Dr. Matt Friedeman, Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship, Wesley Biblical Seminary
“Read these pages to your benefit and to the blessing of those you will serve.”   Jimmy Draper President Emeritus LifeWay

The Master’s Handiwork: Your Life Has A Purpose


A reboot of Saints Under Construction with additional material, reorganized chapters, and even a cheaper price. If you read this book you will be encouraged to grow in your faith and to finish the course you have begun. The Lord has a wonderful plan for your life and He will complete the work He began.


Reaching the Next Generation for Christ


Reaching the Next Generation is a journey through Scripture and Church history. It is a quest to discover if there is anything that can stem the tide of young people rejecting their faith. All major studies reveal that the organized Church is losing the next generation in record numbers, yet She seems unable to find a solution to this tragedy. Perhaps the answers lie in an ancient place; one that is revealed within the pages of Scripture and practiced for thousands of years with success. Maybe the current methods need to be reconsidered. It is time for the pastors and leaders to rethink the failing programs and return to a more Biblical one. There are groups today that are retaining over 90% of their young people. What are they doing? How is it that they are succeeding? Read this book and then decide for yourself what needs to be done.

Gospel Legacy: A Church and Family Model Reaching beyond our Generation


The Church is in trouble! Multitudes of young people are walking away from their faith and the future looks dim. However, Jesus said He would build His church and He will not fail! There are fresh winds of vision blowing across the nation. There are answers and they can be found. Gospel Legacy explores the answers from both sides of the problem – the family and the church. While called to walk in partnership in reaching the lost, they often compete. Gospel Legacy provides a strong, Biblical approach to stemming the tide of generational loss. The family and the church must learn how to work together to reach the next generation for Christ with the Gospel, and this book will show you how. Parents, pastors and church leaders must rethink what they are doing and why they are doing it. We can change the tide, we must. Gospel Legacy contains practical insights, proven practices, and is saturated with Biblical truth. Change can take place, and in fact, it is happening. Families and churches across the nation are embracing the truths contained in this book. Discover why!


Courage to Flee: Second Edition

“There is a lot of good discussion material in this book.” “Wonderful gems will be found in this book.” “That one statement provided enough discussion between my daughter and me to justify purchasing this book.” I encourage families with young adults or children nearing adulthood to purchase Courage to Flee, read it, and then read it again with your older children.” “Courage to Flee will give parents the encouragement they need to stay the course in an increasingly sensual world.” The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Courage to Flee” by Dr. Jeff Klick is a much-needed book in today’s culture where lust and impurity are commonplace. The book provides a strong biblical warning to those approaching the slippery slope of impurity, as well as great hope and practical counsel to those who have slid down its banks and are now entangled in the mud and quicksand of sin. This book should be in the hands of every pastor, as well as every man and woman who needs to know the biblical solution to freedom and purity.”—Mike Cleveland, Setting the Captives Free

“It is an astounding work.” Michael Aprile – The Utmost-Way Magazine

“I want to thank you again for writing such an important book. What a labor of love. May God use it to help thousands! I can highly recommend it!”    Books on the Path

“Whether you are single, dating, courting, engaged, married, or parenting, Courage to Flee should be a book in your library.”  The Courtship Connection

“When you shared real life illustrations, it was powerful and impacting” “Outstanding book”  “Thanks for already making an impact and perhaps saving a brother from a stumble or a fall!” Glenn – Miller Management Systems

I highly recommend this book and would recommend that you buy a case at a time. Give them away to others, buy a copy for your pastoral staff, give them to a youth pastorit’s just that good!” – Fletch – The Mango Times


The Discipling Church:

“The Discipling Church” offers a compelling case for why the Church in the West must increase Her efforts to make disciples. The book offers practical tools that will equip your church to both evaluate your congregation and also begin to make advancements in the mission of disciple-making. Dr. J. R. Miller

This book is exactly what Christians need to hear about how to be a disciple of Christ! So much invaluable information from amazing teachers of our time. Every Christian from Pastor’s, teachers, leader’s, all of us, needs to read and learn from this group of anointed author’s. A must read! – Dave Moore

The Discipling Church

Practical, insightful, detailed, everything needed to learn how to disciple others!

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