Just Because

Sometimes I wake up in the morning with questions. Many times, a lot of them. Today, for example, these were rushing through the fog of looking for the coffee pot: Just because we decide not to drink that does not mean we think we are better than you. Just because we decide to encourage modesty […]

Lay It Down

“Lay down your pride and your need to be right, let love for others be the war that you fight.” I woke up today singing this great song lyric written by a young lady named Grace Spencer. (http://spencerfamilymusic.com/) Lay it down implies a choice. Whether in a discussion of politics, religion, sports, or nearly any […]

Choosing to be Different in the Workplace

This article was first published on https://www.biblicalleadership.com/blogs/choosing-to-be-different-in-the-workplace/ In my early life, God allowed me to work in corporate America. As a young man, I was responsible for 32 tax offices for the biggest national firm in the country. These offices were both corporate and franchise. I was also 20 years younger than most of my […]

Throwing Rocks 1

I have a commentary on Isaiah that is basically useless except for an occasional quote such as this one: When someone has been wronged, it is easy for the awareness of that injustice to possess the whole being.  John Goldingay While Mr. Goldingay and I disagree on many issues regarding the prophet Isaiah’s writings, we […]

Warm Weather Musings…

Well, the temperature is rising and per our culture, the clothes are coming off. The season that many godly people dread is upon us. The battle for moral purity and a sound mind rages within all of us, but for the male species, we are creatures ensnared by the visual. Pornography traps millions with its […]

The Freedom in No 2

How many times have you given in to guilt? How often have you wanted to say no but ended up saying yes? Often, we don’t want to offend or make someone feel bad, so we go ahead and do what we didn’t want to do. Why? Sometimes, of course, we must die to ourselves and […]


It seems that we as humans can justify almost anything. Our ability to give ourselves grace is unlimited. We always know we had the best motives and intentions, and we make sure everyone else does as well. When confronted with something that challenges our positive self-image or behavior, we often respond with: • You don’t […]